Saturday, August 18, 2012

Current Ladder Ranking (No Games Have Been Played)

Ladder: RAndy's Challenger Series 2012
Date: 19 August 2012
1Ralph Chiaia (2 FC) In challenge
2Dano Kango (2 FC) Open to challenges
3Greg Antrim (2 FC) In challenge
4JEREMY ANTON (1 FC) In challenge
5Emily Yang (2 FC) In challenge
To view the latest status of this ladder, log onto and search for "RAndy's Challenger Series 2012".

1Player profile Ralph Chiaia (2 FC) Player is in an open challenge
2Player profile Dano Kango (2 FC) 
3Player profile Greg Antrim (2 FC) Player is in an open challenge
4Player profile JEREMY ANTON (1 FC) Player is in an open challenge
5Player profile Emily Yang (2 FC) Player is in an open challenge

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