Sunday, May 6, 2012

Dewey Fundraising Pool Tournament

5 May 2012 -- RAndy's Bar, Seoul -- We held the Dewey Fundraising Tournament to help raise some money for one of our own, a fellow pool player and friend.  Dewey is struggling to meet mounting medical bills. He was diagnosed with diabetes after already having it for a while. Since I work 5-6 days a week in a bar in a basement, I can relate to not being aware of the symptoms of any disease. When I feel like crap I just chalk it up to a hangover like many of us do. Dewey when he was starting to show signs of being sick fell while getting off a bus at Songtan and people who knew him just laughed (assuming he had had too many drinks!). Some time later, after he started getting treatment, he and I were playing 5-9 all night and we finished at around 6 a.m. He took a taxi straight to the hospital for his dialysis. The driver dropped him off at the morgue by mistake. Sometimes we forget to take care of ourselves and I think it's the least we can do to help someone who needs it. Between all of us who enjoy shooting pool we have some resources so we had to hold a tournament.

Not only did we hold a pool tournament, but we also had a raffle and collected money for fouls. The fouls and raffle really made the atmosphere a lot of fun. I was fined 3 times for being a shitty referee. One game had 8 scratches. All in all, there were over 30 scratches in just over 15 games!

I want to thank Danny Peters, Emily Yang, Don Shick-a-Nickie, Lad Park, Matt West, Lee, Nobber, and Tae Hoon (who helped me clean up the bar and get it ready. We had been open till 9 a.m. the Friday previous so the bar was a mess!)

The Money: 
We raised 345,000원 total
180,000 from the tournament (20,000 entry fee)
60,000 from the raffle* (thank you, Nobber, for an outstanding idea)
75,000 from fouls and and run-outs (every player put 1,000 into the pot for 8 ball run and 2,000 in the pot for Break and Run)
10,000 extra from Danny

20,000 from Lenny (sorry you couldn't be there! You would have enjoyed it^^)

*the raffle was a blind draw of tickets. Each ticket had the name of a participating player. The winning ticket was the ticket with the winner of the tournament's name
Brackets/Full Results
Click to Enlarge

The Results:
1st Place - Ralph-Michael Chiaia
2nd Place - Danny Peters
3rd Place - Emily Yang**

**Sorry your first money placement in a tourney didn't win you money. Them's the breaks with charity^^

Nota Bene:
If you're looking at the brackets and wondering who the Ghost is, s/he is one of the losing players being drawn randomly and reinserted. The first ghost was Don and the second one was Emily.

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