Welcome to the RAndy's Bar blog page.

RAndy's Bar is a bar located in Northeast Seoul, Korea. It is owned by two Americans named Ralph and Andy. Ra + Andy = Randy. The meaning in British slang is merely a happy accident.

If you need directions just look at the MAP / DIRECTIONS page for details of how to get to the bar. It's not very hard and only about 20 minutes from Itaewon.

Please feel free to leave us comments. If you have any concerns about something, ideas, projects, etc..., you can email us. Find contact information on the profile. We would like to hold more events (pool tournaments, quiz night, language exchange, club events, etc...).

While here we would love you to take the polls, to follow us with your Google and/or Facebook accounts, and interact with us. We are always trying to make the bar better and would like your continual feedback.

Come stop in the bar soon!

(actually, it is Ralph writing -- I'm a geek and love blogging^^)
(Andy is too cool for school)

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