Tuesday, May 22, 2012

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Move over Chaos, Here comes Logic and Order on the RAndy's Menu

Logic and Order? Say it ain't so!
See for yourself. It be so.

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The new menu features a few new items. We have added the Rum Runner Shaker. You buy the whole shaker for 35k and it serves 8-10 people this delicious, refreshing shot of Light Rum, Spiced Rum, and Bacardi 151 Rum. Also added to the menu is Monkey Fucking a Coconut which strangely tastes exactly like that (don't pretend you don't know what I mean!) and a Shot Sampler where for 15k you can try any 3 shots and for 20k you can try any 6 shots.

The new menu was organized and made by Tae Hoon Kim. He designs menus, t-shirts, and other items. Stay tuned for a new T-shirt that the bar will sponsor.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Indica Selling Well

Indica Pale Ale has been selling really well. [insert image of bottles lined up on the wall]. Come add to the line!

April is over so the prices have reverted to 6,500 for the Indica IPA and 7,500 for Oatmeal Stout.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Dewey Fundraising Pool Tournament

5 May 2012 -- RAndy's Bar, Seoul -- We held the Dewey Fundraising Tournament to help raise some money for one of our own, a fellow pool player and friend.  Dewey is struggling to meet mounting medical bills. He was diagnosed with diabetes after already having it for a while. Since I work 5-6 days a week in a bar in a basement, I can relate to not being aware of the symptoms of any disease. When I feel like crap I just chalk it up to a hangover like many of us do. Dewey when he was starting to show signs of being sick fell while getting off a bus at Songtan and people who knew him just laughed (assuming he had had too many drinks!). Some time later, after he started getting treatment, he and I were playing 5-9 all night and we finished at around 6 a.m. He took a taxi straight to the hospital for his dialysis. The driver dropped him off at the morgue by mistake. Sometimes we forget to take care of ourselves and I think it's the least we can do to help someone who needs it. Between all of us who enjoy shooting pool we have some resources so we had to hold a tournament.

Not only did we hold a pool tournament, but we also had a raffle and collected money for fouls. The fouls and raffle really made the atmosphere a lot of fun. I was fined 3 times for being a shitty referee. One game had 8 scratches. All in all, there were over 30 scratches in just over 15 games!

I want to thank Danny Peters, Emily Yang, Don Shick-a-Nickie, Lad Park, Matt West, Lee, Nobber, and Tae Hoon (who helped me clean up the bar and get it ready. We had been open till 9 a.m. the Friday previous so the bar was a mess!)

The Money: 
We raised 345,000원 total
180,000 from the tournament (20,000 entry fee)
60,000 from the raffle* (thank you, Nobber, for an outstanding idea)
75,000 from fouls and and run-outs (every player put 1,000 into the pot for 8 ball run and 2,000 in the pot for Break and Run)
10,000 extra from Danny

20,000 from Lenny (sorry you couldn't be there! You would have enjoyed it^^)

*the raffle was a blind draw of tickets. Each ticket had the name of a participating player. The winning ticket was the ticket with the winner of the tournament's name
Brackets/Full Results
Click to Enlarge

The Results:
1st Place - Ralph-Michael Chiaia
2nd Place - Danny Peters
3rd Place - Emily Yang**

**Sorry your first money placement in a tourney didn't win you money. Them's the breaks with charity^^

Nota Bene:
If you're looking at the brackets and wondering who the Ghost is, s/he is one of the losing players being drawn randomly and reinserted. The first ghost was Don and the second one was Emily.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Worship Conversation

Pool isn't everything, boys!
I have heard some complaints that all people want to do at RAndy's is play pool. While there is some truth to that, people want to chat with each other and meet new people. If you come in and see the pool table as an altar being worshiped, please don't be intimidated. Take a seat at the bar where there is plenty of conversation going on. We deliberately keep the music at a volume where you can enjoy it yet still hear the person sitting next to you. That's because nothing is more important than conversation. Get involved!

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