There are some pretty cool events at RAndy's. 

For the pool aficionados there is a weekly game of Killer on Friday. First Prize takes the pot. Other days feature 8 ball or 9 ball (the table is free as long as you're not a deadbeat). Scotch Doubles is common among the players at the bar to speed things along. There are many good players that frequent RAndy's.

Friday has a Free Pitcher of Hoegaarden for the first group of Three Women to come in together.

On Tuesday, women get one free Amaretto Sour.

On Thursday, Ladies Night, Women can drink Glasses of Red Rock all night long for only 1,000 a glass.

Every single night of the week, RAndy's offers one free tequila for all women. There are some great other shots to choose from, including RAndy's famous Gay Shot. Other popular shots are Jagerbomb, Irish Car Bomb, and the Blowjob.

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Best Shots Menu
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