Monday, April 2, 2012

Pool Table Bends After Drinks, I Swear!

Pool Tables Bend After Drinks
RAndy's Pool Table After a Few Drinks
We have a great pool table but after a few Gay Shots and a Cocktail or two this is what it looks like (see photo on the right). Does anybody else have the same experience? I have noticed that when playing pool certain players get better the more they drink--Enda, Nobber, Taek, Tex--but some plummet to the bowels of hell like Andy and Chris. I guess it depends on your temperment and your tolerance to alcohol. I have a window that opens with a drink or two and then starts to close and finally slams shut around the 5th cocktail or shot. I remember playing in Woodstock for 3rd place and drinking shots of firewater and I started shooting better but my partner, Matt West, was wasted by then and no longer looked like Matt West shooting. He looked more like a drunk Andy shooting.

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